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Unleash the true power of your digital products with a streamlined e-commerce shop





You didn't start your business just to create dozens and dozens of sales pages

Stop letting endless sales pages weigh down and complicate your business.
Your customers deserve an easy shopping experience.
And YOU deserve to have FUN.


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Build out a library of digital products (from content you already have!)

Create your digital product shop with high-converting marketing strategies

Make digital product sales easier than ever before!

Brooke went from no sales to $5k months!

We've had a shop for over 3 years but it's never brought in any sales. Last year I grabbed the Shopify Quick Win Workshop on a whim and gave it a try. I was amazed at the impact in just one month!

Within 4 months, we'd brought an extra $5K of sales in. Then I signed up for the Digital Shop Experience and we've almost started bringing that in every month!

I'm amazed at how quickly this impacted our business, and am so excited about the potential for growth.


Brooke Van Sickle and Results - $19,478

💰 Plus this amazing BONUS content! 💰

Your Tech BFF

Back-End Shopify Setup Tutorials

from Melissa Kaiserman of Your Tech BFF

Value: $997

Erin of Product Powerhouse

1-Hour SEO Shopify Training

from Erin of Product Powerhouse

Value: $197

Quick Win Workshop - Shopify

Quick Win Workshop on Shopify

Learn our basic marketing tactics quick!

Value: $97

Quick Win Workshop - Flash Sales

Quick Win Workshop on Flash Sales

Learn the easy way to execute a flash sale!

Value: $97


🤯 AND these hidden GEMS! 🤯

Premium Template Pack

Digital Shop Experience Template Pack mockup

Digital Shop Experience Template Pack filled with premium goodies - $497 VALUE!

Includes a shop tracking spreadsheet for both your product listings and tracking important analytics, Canva templates for your product listing pictures, swipe copy for your product listings, your custom interactive roadmap, and more!

Podcast Feed with ALL Training Audio

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Digital Shop Experience Private Podcast Audio Feed - $197 VALUE!

Listen to all the trainings on-the-go with our private podcast audio feed. This makes consuming the content and learning so much easier!

Featured Shop Listing

Digital Shop Experience Student Shops

We want to share your shop on our website! - $197 VALUE!

Give your shop more exposure with a listing on our shop feature page.

See the program 👀

Go behind the scenes with Monica and see exactly what you are getting when you enroll in the Digital Shop Experience.

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📝 What can YOU expect? 📝

✨ 3 MONTHS ✨

  • Complete the Digital Shop Experience
  • Add products, launch your shop
  • Set up SEO strategy
  • Execute your first flash sale

✨ 6 MONTHS ✨

  • Build out your order bumps and upsells
  • Launch your affiliate program
  • Execute a consistent, ongoing marketing calendar

✨ 12 MONTHS ✨

  • Hold regular flash sales
  • Plan a multi-week sales event with deep savings for your customers
  • Conquer the world! 👸🏻


3 Month Sales in the Empowered Shop - $42,483


Our 6-Month Results - $113,958


Screenshot of Shopify results for 12 months $185,553

Glenyce saved 6 months of time and made $4,000!

"Within two weeks of taking the Digital Shop Experience, my team and I had added over 50 products and we're running a weekly sale that has already brought in more than $4,000 into my business truly as if by magic!"


By the end of the Experience, you will have a...

  • Fully functional shop ready and able to take dozens of orders
  • Library of 5-10 digital products for sale that your target customer will drool over
  • Steady stream of sales fueled by repeat customers who beg to come back for more
  • Weekly email marketing calendar that will make selling super easy
  • Referral network that sends you leads every single day
  • Solid growth plan in place based on real data that is not so scary after all
  • Top-notch shop customer experience because you make it easy, and fun, and you lead with their best interest in mind
  • Phone that won't stop pinging with sales notifications and a big smile on your face

Who is the Experience perfect for? ✔️

  • Existing digital product creators, course creators, Etsy and TpT sellers who need a streamlined approach to scale their product sales
  • Content creators and bloggers who are ready to creatively monetize their years of hard work
  • Influencers who put out content regularly
  • Service providers who want to templatize their framework and sell at scale
  • Physical product sellers who want to add a profitable digital product arm to their existing shops

If this sounds like you, join the Digital Shop Experience and take your business from ugh to uhhhh-mazing! 🚀

☑️ Your Questions, Answered! ☑️

Your most burning questions are answered below in both text and audio format.

⚡️Will you show me how to set up a Shopify store from scratch?

While Shopify tech setup is not a core part of the program, I've brought in my tech expert, Melissa Kaiserman, to show you how to set up your Shopify store! These videos are incredibly detailed and will lead you through how to install a theme, structure your pages, and much more. Melissa set up the backbone of my Shopify stores and I couldn't be happier!

⚡️I have an existing Shopify store, is this for me?

Absolutely! The core of what the Experience teaches is how to get people to spend more money in your shop. If you are looking to grow your shop and make more money, this is for you.

⚡️How big does my audience need to be to have a successful shop?

I recommend you start with 5-10 products to launch your shop.

If this sounds like a lot, don't worry! If you’ve previously created a course, membership, or released a lot of free content over the years, I'll show you how you can repurpose content into your shop without cannibalizing your other programs.

⚡️Is there specific tech that's required to apply what you’ll teach? How much does it cost?

You will need a Shopify Basic account and an email service provider. As of April 2023, a Shopify Basic plan is $39/month. We spend a total of $135/month for Shopify basic and all of the apps we recommend (not including our email service provider). Please keep in mind that we do a large volume of orders and several of the apps we use do not cost money until you have a higher volume of sales.

⚡️Will these strategies work with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. I have personally never used WooCommerce.

I have had plenty of students at this point ask me if they can use what I teach in DSE for WooCommerce. I teach from a very logical and strategic mindset so the theory behind what I am teaching can be applied no matter the software you are using. You just need to understand your platform enough to implement it.

A few students have been successful with installing the same exact apps I teach for Shopify on their WooCommerce stores so it is easier than you think!

⚡️How long will I have access to the content?

You will have lifetime access to the Experience in accordance with our terms.

⚡️Do I need a sales funnel AND a shop?

Yes, they go together like PB&J! A sales funnel will take someone new and give them the perfect experience to enter your world. A shop allows your current customers to buy more from you in one swoop!

If you want to learn more about digital product sales funnels, start with the Empowered Business Lab.

⚡️Why should I sell on Shopify instead of Etsy?

Etsy is rented land. It’s a 3rd party marketplace platform that you have zero control over. Yes, they have built-in traffic. However, you do not own anything about the buying experience or the customer data. Etsy owns the customer relationship. As you start getting traction in your business through referrals and other marketing efforts, you will end up sending people you are spending time and money to acquire to a platform to make a purchase where you do not even own the relationship. I strongly recommend you build on your own land (i.e. Shopify).

⚡️How long will it take to see results?

We’ve had several students report that they got their shop up and running, their first flash sale email out, and their first sale within two weeks. (Examples: Glenyce, Anna, and Jennifer)

It is entirely possible to see your first sale that fast. However, we want you to be able to work on a timeline that fits your needs. That is why we’ve provided custom roadmaps to help you meet your goals on a timeline that works for you.

The Experience has everything you need to accomplish your goals at your own pace.

⚡️What is your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day happiness guarantee. We take your investment seriously. We are transparent in our marketing of this program and have put a significant amount of time, resources, and effort to make it the best digital product shop training on the market.

We want you to be confident in your investment. If within 7 days of your purchase, you have gone through the program and do not agree it’s exactly what you need to build your own successful digital product shop, we will give you your money back. Read our full policies in our terms and conditions.

⚡️What if I need support?

We are always available over email to answer questions about the program.

You are able to add on our Empowered Business Society® for just $29/month at the time of purchase which will give you access to Monica and team if you have questions you'd like to ask specific to your business. The option to add on the Society is presented after you make your purchase of the Experience.

More questions? Take a peak at our full FAQ library or use the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Why should *I* get to teach you?!

  • In online business since 2013
  • Helped 50,000+ people sell digital products
  • Made +$3 million in digital product sales
  • MBA in Finance
  • 10 years in Corporate America
A white woman with dark hair wearing a black tshirt that says I don't do failure.
A white woman with dark hair wearing a black tshirt that says I don't do failure.

Why should *I* get to teach you?!

  • In online business since 2013
  • Helped 50,000+ people sell digital products
  • Made +$3 million in digital product sales
  • MBA in Finance
  • 10 years in Corporate America

Don't forget, you're also backed by my
7-Day Happiness Guarantee.

We understand this is a big decision for your business.

I am confident that the Digital Shop Experience is exactly what you need to take your digital product business to new heights!

If within 7 days of your purchase, you have gone through the program and do not agree it’s exactly what you need to build your own successful digital product shop, we will give you your money back. Full details here.

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Simplify your digital product sales with an e-commerce shop.

  • The Digital Shop Experience Complete Program ($1,997 value)
  • Private Podcast Audio Feed of ALL Trainings ($197 value)
  • Digital Shop Experience Template Pack ($497 value)
  • Your Shop Listed on Our Website ($197 value)
  • BONUS Back-End Shopify Setup Videos ($997 value)
  • BONUS 1-Hour Shopify SEO Training ($197 value)
  • BONUS Access to Our Quick Win Workshop about Shopify ($97 value)
  • BONUS Access to Our Quick Win Workshop about Flash Sales ($97 value)

Total Value: $4,276

Your Price: $1497


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